Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fav New Show!

So I stumbled upon What's Up Africa while browsing my twitter. Why didn't I see this months ago before I embarked on my web series adventure!!?

Just the inspiration I needed. It's so refreshing!

If you are looking for positive content that focuses on African topics, this Netherland based video blog is the way to go.

I missed when Africa is a Country did a piece on the Euro blog in August.

Check out the vid below or click here for the What's Up Africa channel on Youtube.

Africans in America. 

 I'm working on a web series about Africans living in America - their adventures and misadventures. It's been a pretty interesting process and their are so many stories!

Checking out one of my fav blogs today, I saw this post which focuses on the continent of Africa from the perspectie of Americans. Its called the Mapping Stereotypes Project - the image says a lot. We have access to so much information these days and this is, unfortunately, still how most people view Africa. (to see the entire graphic, click the link above)

The graphic says it all - its exactly what I hope to accomplish with my web series.

 Shoots, Shoots, Shoots!

Back at school. Its been rough but its also been great. I have an opportunity to work on projects/productions and work with new equipment!

I'm psyched, I feel like I haven't had a chance to just create in a long time. I'm learning a lot and taking advantage of everything I can as much as possible.

This short by Miss Javale Maika Jean-Pierre - is a response to a video contest about climate change. The actress is Nickhiesa Ewen who was in A Journey to Understanding. Javale and I did a rough shoot of her concept she developed through storyboarding first and after working out some kinks had a final shoot.

Check out Javale's short below.